#6 The GelCrème


The Renewal Collection. Renewal. Enlightenment. Absolute Beauty.

This rejuvenating overnight formulation gently supports skin renewal for a visibly reanimated appearance by morning. Skin plumpness and firmness are enhanced as collagen production is nurtured, while repair processes are supported with this targeted and nourishing GelCrème formula.





The Promise

– Renews radiance by enhancing skin firmness and texture
– Delivers overnight rejuvenation
– Offers hydration in a lightweight gel delivery
– Cultivates a refreshed and more luminous appearance by morning

The Ritual

Smooth gently over face, neck, décolletage and backs of hands each evening. Follow with your RATIONALE Essential Six formulations for night.

The Research

The signs of environmental damage include wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation, and are related to sun exposure and pollution combined with natural ageing. To a certain extent, human skin has the capacity to self-repair. However, as we age, and as a consequence of environmental damage, these natural restorative processes are diminished. Topical treatment can assist in restoring and rejuvenating skin, helping to reverse signs of environmental damage to illuminate and refine skin luminosity. For skin that does not easily tolerate topical Retinoids (Vitamin A), a gentle botanical alternative known as Bakuchiol, when combined with DNA Repair Enzymes, can assist in restoring repair processes, helping to reverse signs of environmental damage, restoring skin firmness and luminosity.

The Renewal Actives

Bakuchiol is a gentle botanical alternative to retinoids which is suitable for sensitive skin. It elevates skin firmness and elasticity while helping to reduce hyperpigmentation.
Firming Peptide Complex prevents signs of premature ageing and glycation by promoting cellular repair and neutralising harmful effects of pollution.
Renewing Peptide Complex stimulates the synthesis of collagen, increasing dermal density and inhibits collagen degradation.
DNA Repair Enzymes (Glycosylases, Endonucleases, Polymerases + Ligases) supplement the skin’s own DNA repair capacities, reversing the effects of UV exposure and targeting signs of photo-ageing.
Sodium Hyaluronate focuses moisture in dermal tissues, forming a breathable barrier which maintains hydration and supports collagen structure and flexibility.



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