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Here at SunCoast Skin, the health of your skin is our priority. There are many reasons why your skin does not look, and feel, the way you think it should. Exposure to UV in our harsh Queensland sun, acne, rosacea, pregnancy, skin cancers, medications, chemotherapy, and many other factors, play a role in how the health of your skin is affected.

We can work with you to manage your skin, in most cases without the need for antibiotics or hormones. We have had great success with topical treatments as well as the use of peels and microneedling to improve certain skin conditions like acne, as well as general skin texture. The use of certain products like Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) and retinols (Vitamin A) can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions. Our doctors can prescribe or compound bespoke products to suit your needs. We believe every skin type is unique, and should be treated individually, and with care.

Book in today with our dermal therapist for a bespoke treatment plan.


Acne is a multifactorial condition, with risk factors including diet, lifestyle, hormones, pregnancy, and even the use of products that exacerbate the condition. There is a spectrum ranging from mild black heads and white heads, to more severe cases of cystic acne, which can occur on other parts of the body. We can tailor an individualised treatment plan to help you, with a combination of topical products, micro needling, LED and peels. Come speak to our doctors and dermal therapist about it today.

We also manage and treat acne scarring, using a multimodality approach including Radiofrequency Microneedling and TCA Cross. Suncoast Skin is the only clinic on the Sunshine Coast with the Lutronic Radiofrequency device that can be used on all skin types, including darker skin.


Rosacea is a persistent inflammatory condition on the face, resulting in red cheeks, sometimes with large pustules. The cause for rosacea is largely unknown, but we do know that there are many things that flare up this sometimes, painful condition. These include, heat, UV exposure, certain foods, alcohol, hormones, use of certain products like steroids, and also a mite called Demodex.

We can help with formulating a bespoke treatment plan to minimise the flare ups, and treat the symptoms of rosacea.


Pigmentation on the face is caused by many things, but are most commonly freckles, moles, age spots, scarring, acne, melasma, or in some cases, melanoma. Some causes of pigmentation are easier to treat than others, and we utilise a combination of modalities to help. These include a combination of microneedling, LED, peels, topical prescription creams, and IPL.

A thorough assessment is done on your skin to determine what the best treatment modality is for your skin type to minimise side effects, and to maximise results. 

Skin Care

The use of topical products for your skin is often confusing, and can end up costing thousands. Different active ingredients play a different role in addressing different skin concerns. Every skin type is different, and deserves a bespoke approach towards optimising its health. Topical products are effective, and can be used as a starting point for many skin concerns. Our medical professionals employ the use of only evidence based actives.

We are passionate about treating skin of colour, and are passionate about ensuring you are using the right products for you.

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