#3 The Enriched Eye Creme SPF15


The Brilliance Collection – Brilliance. Inspiration. Illumination.

Optical radiance, reawakened. This sumptuous crème imbues the delicate eye zone with unparalleled illumination, hydration and nourishment. A fusion of Zinc and Iron Oxide technologies, botanical extracts and rejuvenating skin actives visibly brighten and refresh the orbital contours while providing superb solar and environmental protection for a pellucid finish.


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The Promise

– Visibly reawakens for a brighter, more luminous outlook
– Hydrates and nourishes the delicate eye zone
– Softens the orbital contour and evens skin tone

– Delivers advanced solar and environmental protection
– Bestows a refreshed, illuminated finish

The Ritual

Gently smooth a small amount over the orbital contour each morning. Use in synergy with your RATIONALE Essential Six formulations for remarkable skin luminosity.

The Research

As we age, multiple cellular metabolic processes begin to decline, including stratum corneum hydration and the synthesis of key skin connective tissues such as collagen and elastin. The delicate tissue of the eye zone lacks subcutaneous tissue, rendering this area more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles, dryness, dark circles and puffiness due to poor microcirculation.

Solar protective Peptides and Amino Acids, which are found naturally in human skin, protect cells from thermal and oxidative stressors, which would ordinarily damage precious proteins such as collagen and elastin. Topical nutrients in the form of proteins and powerful botanical extracts actively thicken the epidermis and hydrate fragile orbital contours, alleviating redness, sensitivity and fine lines.

The Brilliance Actives

Zinc Oxide is a photo-protective antioxidant custodial coating on the skin’s surface, defending against the harmful effects of UV, visible light, Infrared and environmental aggressors. Zinc also assists in calming the skin, reducing redness, strengthening barrier function and enhancing overall skin health.
Fraxinus Excelsior is a botanical extract that works to strengthen the vascular network supplying the fragile eye area. It has been shown to reduce the visible appearance of dark circles, counteracting blue and red tones under the eyes and enhancing orbital luminosity.
Adansonia Digitata is a physiologic botanical extract that provides temporary skin firming of the delicate eye zone by increasing tensile strength which supports a diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 is responsible for regulating and redistributing moisture content around the eye zone via ion channels to decrease puffiness and maximise under-eye rejuvenation.
Australian Botanical Species–including Kangaroo Paw, Lilli Pilli, Davidson Plum are plant-based antioxidants that thrive in extreme environments, rendering them powerful contributors in protecting skin from solar and environmental aggressors. They also have significant anti-inflammatory properties.
Vitamins, Amino Acids and Minerals (Iron Oxides) have light-refracting and diffusing abilities to brighten the eye area, improving luminosity and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Bambara Seed Extract (Voandzeia Subterranea Seed) is an epigenetic booster with the ability to influence genes responsible for redirecting the process of cellular differentiation in the epidermis by increasing the viability of nerve cells. Epidermal thickness is improved, stratum corneum superstructure and function are enhanced, and skin appears smooth and radiant.


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