#1 The Hydragel


The Resilience Collection – Resilience. Intuition. Limitless Potential.

Daytime radiance, delivered in water light gel wonder. This cooling hydrogel delivers fortifying nutrients to the skin to support natural self-protective processes, restoring comfort and calmness as it amplifies hydration levels and reduces skin sensitivity.


The Promise

– Cultivates a more radiant complexion by amplifying skin resilience
– Supports skin barrier function
– Lightweight hydrator, elevating moisture levels
– Restores skin softness and smoothness
– Imparts a cooling and comforting sensation, ideal for sensitive skin types

The Ritual

Smooth gently over face, neck, décolletage and backs of hands each morning. Follow with your RATIONALE Essential Six formulations for day.

The Research

The vitality and beauty of human skin are closely connected to the health and resilience of its outermost layer. Ensuring optimal hydration is critical, as the constant reinforcement of barrier function and moisture supports skin suppleness, rejuvenation, health and function. B-Group Vitamins support skin resilience, assisted by anti-inflammatory rich botanical extracts including Betaine, Allantoin and Glycyrrhetinic Acid.

The Resilience Actives

– B-Group Vitamin Complex (B3, B5, B6, B12) boosts skin immunity by building resilience of skin and strengthening barrier function. Skin appears calmer as redness and irritation are reduced.
– Vitamin E (Tocopherol) nourishes the skin while supporting healthy barrier function.
– Betaine replenishes moisture, balances sebum production and calms the skin.
– Allantoin possesses soothing, anti-inflammatory properties to fortify barrier function and enhance skin hydration.
– Hyaluronic Acid multiplies skin moisture and has a cooling, calming effect on compromised skin.
– Glycyrrhetinic Acid is a powerful botanical extract which reconditions skin texture and promotes even tone and calmness.


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